Top 10 tips for starting your own business


Starting your own business can be a daunting process, so we have put together a handy guide featuring our top ten tips for getting your entrepreneurial ambitions off the ground.



CREDO - Left Field, Paul McLaughlin SLPs 2017


Paul McLaughlin, a Partner in Brodies’ Funds Group, has developed a specialism in establishing and providing specialist advice on the many legitimate applications of general partnerships, LLPs and, particularly, Scottish limited partnerships (“SLPs”) established under the Limited Partnerships Act 1907 (the “1907 Act”). He regularly deals with SLPs. Click the article to read more.



What might Brexit mean for Financial Services?


What might Brexit mean for financial services? The Brodies Brexit Advisory Group set out some of the key considerations for market participants in the financial services industry, including finance providers and borrowers.



Big wind - consent success rate in Scotland


Consent risk is a key issue for promoters of onshore wind projects in Scotland. Unlike zoning systems operated in many parts of the world, in Scotland (and the rest of the UK), planning permission must be obtained prior to construction. Scottish Government policy supports onshore wind. This report details the success rate for the 50+MW applications (section 36 applications) as decided by Scottish Ministers.


Planning, renewables

Brexit and Trade


Legal insights into the Single Market, the Customs Union and UK-EU Trade explained in this downloadable guide.



The 2017 Charity law update


There are arguably three key legal topics for charities to be thinking about in 2017: their constitution and governance; employment and people; and data protection compliance. This seminar looked at important aspects of each of these topics.


Charity law, Data protection, Fundraising, GDPR, Organisational change, Scio

Charities, fundraising and the legal landscape


There is a new Independent Fundraising Standards & Adjudication Panel for Scotland and there has been a high profile focus on charities and compliance with data protection duties. This seminar considered the current issues and what charities should be doing now to ensure their fundraising is compliant and, crucially, effective.


Charities, Data protection, Fundraising, GDPR

HR and employment: your 2017 to-do list


Here is our list of the most important employment law changes for 2017.


brexit, Gender pay gap, Holiday pay, HR, Tax; Employment

Brexit - Movement of people Q&A


This guide provides an overview of what you need to know regarding movement of people following the 'Leave' vote.


Employment, brexit, contracts, people

Personal taxation, wealth and residence - a guide to Brexit issues


The impact of Brexit upon personal taxation is and will remain unclear for some time, but we have identified areas upon which a watchful eye will be required. The first is the impact upon EU nationals looking to secure their right to live in the UK through acquiring British citizenship, and the impact that may have on their UK tax position. The second is the impact upon UK tax reliefs which are currently extended outwith the UK due to the requirements of EU law. The third is the impact upon UK nationals with property in the EU. 


Brexit; Tax; Personal Law
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