Back to Tennis with Brodies

Brodies, in collaboration with the Judy Murray Foundation, has launched the 'Back to Tennis with Brodies' programme. The brainchild of Judy Murray, it is a free resource designed to give tennis players, or those new to the sport, a series of fitness and skill building exercises that can be done at home or in clubs or parks while staying within the safe distancing guidelines.

Some of Scotland's finest tennis players and coaches have rallied behind the project, including Andy Murray, Jamie Murray and Colin Fleming who share some of their favourite exercises across three 30-minute programmes. Programme one and two are for individuals and feature 20 exercises that can be done in your own space at home using a racket and ball or can be delivered at a club, park or school as a circuit-style class. No other equipment is required. Programme three is for parents and grandparents to play together with children age 6-10. It has 10 skill-building games which can be recreated at home using household objects, or can be delivered as a club, park or school session.

I'm really excited about Back to Tennis with Brodies. You don't have to be a tennis player to benefit from the exercises, but those looking to get back on the court, or try tennis for the first time, can make sure their bodies are ready to meet the demands of tennis by following the exercises in the programme. I wanted it to be inclusive of all ages and stages, so we have designed two sessions that you can do yourself at home or as part of a fun, sociable group activity in a club, park or school and both take into account the safe distancing measures.

Judy Murray, Judy Murray Foundation

Brodies' Reading Partners

Brodies' Reading Partners is a group of 35 colleagues from across the firm who take time out of the business to help primary school children with their reading.

The one-to-one sessions are designed to help children who lack confidence in reading, or those who need a friend or role model to meet with them regularly.

The Reading Partnership is in collaboration with Business in the Community. Brodies' colleagues are currently supporting schools in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.