By opening up our ways of thinking we can foster an inclusive workplace - one of the five pillars of our contract with our people – and be the employer of choice for every colleague, and anyone looking to join us.

    Promoting inclusion & diversity at Brodies

    Here are just some of the ways in which we promote inclusion & diversity at Brodies.

    Network for Equality and Inclusion

    We are members of the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) – the UK's leading employers network covering all aspects of equality and inclusion in the workplace. In 2022, Brodies received the Inclusive Culture Award from ENEI.

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    A founding member of the PRIME initiative, a pioneering initiative by the UK's leading law firms which aims to encourage greater diversity in the legal profession by offering quality work experience and continuing support to young people from less privileged backgrounds. In addition to our yearly work experience offering, Brodies is leading a pilot on PRIME's cold spot project.

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    Inclusive Email Signatures & Inclusive Language

    We encourage the use of inclusive email signatures that include pronouns, phonetic spelling and working patterns to highlight and support diversity in the workplace. We also published a guide to promote the use of inclusive language and to encourage colleagues to talk about inclusion and diversity.

    Our Partnerships

    We are partners with Career Ready, signatories of the Social Mobility Pledge, supporters of the LawScot Foundation, members of Working Families UK and signatories of the Mindful Business Charter.

    Improving ethnic minority representation

    Since 2021, we have worked with the Scottish Ethnic Minorities Lawyers Association to offer work experience placements. Since 2022, we have also partnered with Black Professionals Scotland to offer two paid internships per year.

    Anonymised CVs

    We use Rare's contextualised recruitment system and anonymise CVs across all of our graduate recruitment processes.

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    Key facts and figures


    of our colleagues have completed unconscious bias training so far.


    We are placed in the Working Families top 30 employers.


    We are ranked no. 34 on the Social Mobility Employer Index.

    Inclusion & diversity

    Colleague networks 

    Our 5 colleague networks give colleagues a collective voice to enable positive change. They provide a safe space for discussion, to raise awareness of topics that matter, and to assist in the delivery of our inclusion & diversity strategy.

    Diversity Statistics 

    This report provides a snapshot of our firm at 1 Nov 2023. 

    Gender Pay Report

    Following the introduction of new legislation, all organisations with over 250 employees will publish their gender pay gap information on an annual basis.