Brodies LLP has expanded its specialist Brexit Advisory Group with experts across the breadth of the firm to provide clients with a 'one stop shop' for pragmatic and informed legal advice on the issues raised by last month's vote to leave the EU.

Brodies' top ranked constitutional and public law team, has, for many months, been advising clients active in almost every sector of the Scottish economy on the potential implications of the EU referendum. Now, the expanded group has pooled relevant specialist expertise from across Scotland's largest law firm to provide sector-specific support for organisations and individuals wanting to understand the potential legal and commercial consequences of Brexit.

With Scotland's leading EU and constitutional law practice and legal expertise in every area affected by Brexit, Brodies is uniquely placed to help clients understand and address the many questions to which the 'Leave' vote gives rise. Brodies has close links with top law firms across the EU, is the only Scottish firm with an office in Brussels, and is top ranked in the independent legal directories for EU & Competition Law, Administrative & Public Law and Parliamentary & Public Affairs, alongside a further 29 practice areas.

Christine O'Neill Brodies Brexit Advisory Group

Led by Christine O'Neill, Brodies' chairman and one of the country's leading authorities on EU and constitutional law, the Group has been sharing knowledge about the Brexit process and providing advice on areas including employment, immigration, financial services, tax, data protection, intellectual property, contracts, procurement, state aid, corporate structures and reorganisations. The Group recently ran a series of seminars in in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow, which were attended by more than 400 representatives of private, public and third sector organisations.

Christine O'Neill said: "Although we have undoubtedly entered a period of uncertainty following last month's vote, organisations and individuals need to make informed strategic decisions based on expert advice in order to best position themselves to overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities ahead.

"Our Brexit seminars have shown that there is a strong appetite for clear and intelligible information that cuts through the speculation that has followed the referendum. Our clients and those that attended our seminars want to know how to respond to the key challenges, ranging from employment and immigration to the 'passporting' of financial services or the potential impact of Brexit on tax regimes.

"Brodies' scale and the breadth of relevant, specialist legal expertise that our clients have at their disposal mean that we are uniquely placed to help businesses plan for and implement the changes they need to prepare for a future outside the EU.

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