What you need to know about Build to Rent in Scotland


The not so new kid on the Scottish (Housing) Block

It has taken a while but it feels as if the stage has finally been reached where use of the term ‘BTR’ does not require an explanation of the acronym. BTR projects in Scotland are at various stages of completion, occupation, under construction and in the pipeline. With that has come a perceptible shift in how BTR is perceived in the Scottish property market.

This download provides an overview of BTR in Scotland.


Real Estate

No-deal Brexit and intellectual property


A business’ most valuable asset is often its intellectual property (IP), whether in the form of product designs, software, confidential information or brand names. While uncertainty persists about whether the UK will leave the EU on 31 October 2019 – and if so on what terms – all businesses should understand the potential impact of a no-deal Brexit and consider what steps they can take to best prepare and minimise any risks. Download our guide for more information.


brexit, IP

Taking stock of Blockchain utilisation


Innovation has led to an increased range and sophistication of food and drink products undoubtedly benefitting consumer choice. However, it has also led to an increasing level of supply chain complexity which can pose a real challenge for food and drink operators, in particular with respect to traceability and transparency.

Download our handy guide which explains how the industry is utilising Blockchain to enable products to be tracked from farm to fork.


Food & Drink



Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular way for individuals and companies to obtain finance for discrete projects and start-up business ventures – as well as more established enterprises.

Download our guide which provides an overview of the various types of crowdfunding available and some of the key issues that businesses should consider when seeking to raise funds on a crowdfunding platform.


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Brodies LLP Crowdfunding Handy Guide

Planning (Scotland) Act - A handy guide


On 25 July 2019 the Planning (Scotland) Bill received Royal Assent and became an Act. It’s been a marathon. The Independent Panel was appointed in September 2015, almost 4 years ago. While the 2006 Act made wide-ranging changes to process, the 2019 Act is less radical. The plan-led system remains intact, but with some significant changes to development planning. We have a created a handy guide to the Act which highlights the key provisions along with the implications for planning authorities, developers and communities.



Scotland's securitisation shake up


Scotland’s securitisation shake up – download our Banking and Finance team's guide to the radical reforms to moveables law on the horizon in Scotland.



Your guide to securitisation in Scotland


Download our brief reference guide to securitisation from a Scottish perspective. It will be particularly relevant to the key securitisation parties (including originators, sponsors, arrangers and funders) as well as legal advisers requiring specialist Scots law advice.



BRewarded - Employee share plan reporting. Have you reported yours?


For the tax year 2018/2019, if a company (whether UK or overseas) operates an employee share plan for UK employees or allocates shares to them, then that company needs to take action to report that share-related activity by no later than 6 July 2019. A failure to do so will result in automatic penalties for non-compliance.

Download our guide to find out what you need to do to report your employee share plans.



Top five tips on business continuity in the face of extreme weather


How could adverse weather affect your business? Making plans in advance can save your business money. So what are the key areas to consider?



Top 10 tips for joint ventures


Has your company spotted a gap in the market for a new product or service but hasn't got the resources to exploit it? One option to consider is collaborating with another organisation through a joint venture. A joint venture might sound daunting - but essentially it's an arrangement between two or more parties to work together to achieve a common goal – usually increased profits.

Joint ventures are found in most industry sectors and there are a variety of ways to structure them. If you are thinking about a joint venture, download our guide for our top ten tips.


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