Top 10 tips for joint ventures


Has your company spotted a gap in the market for a new product or service but hasn't got the resources to exploit it? One option to consider is collaborating with another organisation through a joint venture. A joint venture might sound daunting - but essentially it's an arrangement between two or more parties to work together to achieve a common goal – usually increased profits.

Joint ventures are found in most industry sectors and there are a variety of ways to structure them. If you are thinking about a joint venture, download our guide for our top ten tips.



Planning (Scotland) Bill - A quick guide


The Planning (Scotland) Bill is said to be the most amended Bill in the history of the Scottish Parliament, with 230 amendments adding 91 new duties. As the Bill awaits Stage 3 this is our quick guide to the Bill in its current form, highlighting the new provisions added during Stage 2.



No deal and data protection – what do you need to do to prepare?


If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, then the UK will become a third country for the purposes of EU data protection law. While the UK Government has stated that UK data protection law will, at least in the short term, recognise all EEA states and Gibraltar as adequate, the European Commission has confirmed that the process for carrying out an adequacy assessment of UK law will not commence until after exit day.

Download our guide which sets out the key issues arising out of that change in status and the changes that will be made to data protection law immediately before exit day.


Data protection

Alternative Dispute Resolution


In a market where reputational risk, confidentiality, flexibility of process, speed of resolution and cost control play an increasingly significant role in business decision-making, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is becoming ever more popular with commercial clients. Download our guide which looks at the alternative options to dispute resolution.


Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Inheritance Tax


Our Handy Guide to Inheritance Tax (IHT) provides a basic understanding of Inheritance Tax and the issues you might face in regards to it. Our guide also answers some of the questions we regularly get asked about IHT.


Personal Law

Brexit: Are you ready? A checklist for businesses to assess how ready they are for Brexit


The UK is scheduled to leave the EU on 31 October 2019; there remains no certainty on what will happen at that point. Businesses should therefore be taking steps to understand their exposure to the risks of a no-deal Brexit, and considering what they can do to prepare for all eventualities.

We have prepared a checklist of key questions businesses should be asking themselves, to assess how ready they are for Brexit. If you have formed or even activated a Brexit contingency plan, you can test it against our checklist. If you are still holding off from forming plans, or think you will be unaffected by Brexit, you can use the checklist to ensure you identify and consider all the key issues.



Protecting your Intellectual Property in Scotland


Intellectual Property (IP) is often the most important and valuable asset of a business. IP exists in many forms such as brand names, inventions, manufacturing processes, confidential information and product or industrial designs. Taking steps to identify IP assets and then protecting and enforcing the rights in these is vital to maintain and enhance their value and competitive edge.

Download our handy guide on the many potential tactical and commercial advantages to enforcing IP rights in Scotland.


Light bulb - Protecting your Intellectual Property in Scotland

Retirement Living in Scotland – what you need to know


Scotland’s population of pensionable age is projected to rise from 1.05 million in 2016 to 1.32 million in 2041 according to a report from Age UK. This dramatic change in the make-up of Scotland’s population presents a huge opportunity for investors and developers to service the anticipated demand for retirement housing.


Real Estate
real estate retirement living Brodies LLP

Student Accommodation: What you need to know about student accommodation in Scotland


Scotland is well known for the quality of its educational institutions. In an increasingly global education marketplace, these institutions face tough competition when it comes to attracting students. The cost of maintaining and enhancing the academic experience inevitably eats into capital expenditure budgets for the provision of much needed accommodation, leaving a gap to be filled by the private sector. That, coupled with a demand for a more modern, high specification product, has led to a surge in the development of Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) in recent years.


Real Estate
student accommodation

Glasgow Real Estate Deals 2018


2018 has been a buoyant year for the Scottish property market and we are pleased to have been involved in many of the top of the market deals. Glasgow has led the way with a high level of investment activity and some exciting new development projects announced. Download our aerial graphic to view Brodies real estate highlights for Glasgow in 2018.


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