The Lobbying (Scotland) Act 2016


The Acting Lobbying Registrar has announced that the Lobbying (Scotland) Act 2016 will come into force on Monday 12 March 2018.  If you or colleagues within your organisation have face to face discussions with Scottish Government Ministers, special advisers or MSPs it is likely that you will need to comply with the Act and to register details of those discussions.  Please download this guide for further information about the Act and what it means for you.


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Top ten tips for franchising your business


There are many different ways to grow your business; franchising is one of them. In the UK alone, there are currently about 44,200 franchisee outlets, employing over 620,000 people. If you're considering going down the franchising route, check out our handy guide featuring top ten tips.



GDPR - Carrying out Privacy Impact Assessments


Download our GDPR Handy Guide: Carrying out Privacy Impact Assessments.



Infographic detailing results from Vanguard Legacy Business Breakfast


Poll results from our recent Vanguard Legacy Business Breakfast with Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce, in association with Shell, detail opinion on the food & drink sector in the north east.


Food & Drink

Personal taxation, wealth and residence - a guide to Brexit issues


On 30 March 2017 the UK Government published its White Paper on the proposed Great Repeal Bill. The White Paper focuses on the legal changes that will result from the UK’s exit from the EU.


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Search warrants in Scotland


A criminal investigation has the potential to cause significant financial and reputational damage to any organisation. During a criminal investigation businesses need to understand how to respond quickly and effectively to contact from the investigating authorities. Scotland has a distinct criminal justice system and criminal procedure from the rest of the UK. In this short briefing note we provide a practical overview about search warrants in Scotland.


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Alternative Dispute Resolution - a handy guide


In a market where reputational risk, confidentiality, flexibility of process, speed of resolution and cost control play an increasingly significant role in business decision-making, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is becoming ever more popular with commercial clients.


alternative dispute resolution
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

The importance of corporate governance for SMEs


Many SMEs may wonder if corporate governance is even necessary, so we've outlined the benefits of having it in place and a few handy tips to know.


Five points to consider when naming your company


Naming your company might sound like one of the more simple tasks to do when starting a business, but there are a number of key points to consider when doing so. Here's our top five tips to bear in mind when choosing your name. 


Top tips from Brodies LLP on naming your company

Ten tips for selling your business


When the time comes to sell your business, you need to decide whether to proceed by way of a share sale or an asset sale. If you choose the former, here are our top ten tips to make the process run smoothly.


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