Since we wrote this blog, the government has issued regulations on gender pay gap reporting. Our latest blog is Gender pay gap reporting: 5 tricky issues.

Users of Workbox, the employment team’s online HR site, can access detailed information and advice on our dedicated Gender Pay Gap Reporting page, including advice on how to make all of the calculations and answers to FAQs.

Earlier this week, the government announced the launch of a consultation paper entitled ‘Closing the Gender Pay Gap’. A link to this paper can be found here – the consultation period is open until 6 September.

On reading the title of the consultation, I had expected this to be a consultation on unequal pay (i.e. paying men and women differently for the same job) but in fact the consultation is actually dealing with a wider issue, namely the difference between the average earnings of men and women.

From the figures quoted in the consultation, it appears that there are significant gender pay gaps across different sectors. Whilst this may suggest that the current position is all doom and gloom, the consultation also contains more positive elements such as the statement that the pay gap between men and women is “at its lowest ever level and has been virtually eliminated for full-time workers under 40”. That said, the report later admits that records only began in 1997!

The papers is seeking views on 19 different questions – covering issues such as the level of gender pay information that employers should be required to publish amongst others. As mentioned above, the consultation is open for less than 2 months so you don’t have long to respond…

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