The Equality and Human Rights Commission has launched a call for evidence on religion or belief issues. The Commission wants to hear from employers about their experiences relating to religion or belief in the workplace. Commuters crossing a busy street

They want to assess how religion or belief, or lack of it, is taken into account at work and improve knowledge of what actually happens in practice. They want to hear about any issues you have faced and how you have found solutions. The employer survey asks, for example:

  • Has your religion or belief, or that of other people, affected your experience of being an employer or manager (either positively or negatively)?
  • How did you respond to the issues you experienced and why?
  • Does the current law provide adequate protection, or should there be more or less protection?

The call for evidence is open until 14 October 2014 and can be accessed here. The initial findings will be released in early 2015 and will be used to develop guidance on issues employers find challenging, and assess whether current legislation is effective in practice.

Kathleen Morrison

Practice Development Lawyer at Brodies LLP
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Kathleen Morrison