Health & Safety

The Myth Busters Challenge Panel was established by the HSE a year ago. In its first year it has uncovered a range of surprising decisions which have been made under the banner of “health and safety”.

In its first annual report, the panel revealed 150 cases where companies and public bodies used non-existent rules to stop safe activities. These activities included bubbles being banned at a child’s party, a restaurant refusing to serve burgers rare, bars refusing to fill pint glasses with handles, shredded paper being banned from a school fete and a restaurant refusing a customer a toothpick despite his assurances that he would use it at his own risk!

The HSE believe that companies are hiding behind health and safety when there are other reasons for their actions, whether it be a fear of being sued or simply bad customer service. The concern is that these headline grabbing stories will overshadow the real purpose behind health and safety law and show a general lack of understanding of why health and safety measures are put in place.

I think we can expect Andy’s triangular flapjack story to appear in next year’s report!

Lynn Livesey

Associate at Brodies LLP
Lynn is an associate within our Health and Safety team.She specialises in defending a variety of damages claims including employer’s liability, public liability, road traffic accidents, industrial disease and clinical negligence. She also specialises in the defence of potentially fraudulent claims.
Lynn Livesey