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I just blogged on the liquitab risk point but H&S points have been thin on the ground recently or I’ve been just been busy and neglecting my blog duties. But here is another one; it is borderline on H&S but it does turn on public health and it made me chuckle as it meant I could have fun with the title- so humour me.

Some of you may have heard of the deep fried Mars bar. I haven’t tried one and don’t know anyone who has – if you have and they’re good please let me know. Well, although I thought this peculiar Scottish “cuisine” was born in Dundee – it turns out this may be an ill founded Aberdonian gossip viewpoint and it was in fact a “Stonie” chipper (only 15 miles South of Aberdeen so a lot closer than it is to Dundee) “The Carron” who are claiming the credit for the delivery of this… thing.

Anyway, the press reports that the chip shop owners have now had a lawyers letter from Mars -the confectionary Co. not space (it’s just’s music that is out there) and the point reported seems to be that Mars have reduced the fat content of their bars and do not want to be seen to endorse this unhealthy deep fried illegitimate offspring… particularly if there is, as reported, any European Union’s Protected Food Name Scheme application in line with other specialities such as the Arbroath Smokie, Parma ham, Cornish pasties and Champagne.

Malcolm Mackay

Partner at Brodies LLP
Malcolm is a partner in the Health and Safety Team. He advises clients on Health and Safety and Regulatory matters in the energy sector of the North Sea, North East Atlantic and abroad. Malcolm also works on other contractual and commercial matters such as technical disputes or indemnity (Hold Harmless) contracts arising in the shipping and transport sector.
Malcolm Mackay