Health & Safety

We’re all busy at this time of year with Christmas cards; guessing what to get (then finding/buying) the nearest and dearest, squeezing a lot more work into the three weeks before the Christmas close down and of course those “done for Christmas deadlines” Still a lot to do but last week I have at least got one must do off the list, my CA-EBS certificate.

Those of you in the offshore H&S teams will know that as of 1 January 2015, to travel offshore by helicopter, to supplement the BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training –training video clip attached, a passenger will need the (CA-EBS) Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System certificate.

This follows the tragic loss of three lives West of Shetland and the subsequent CAA report.

The training itself is not that bad and after just under two hours at Maersk Training I got the ticket. It is a bit like scuba diving training, like a mini PADI, but no need to get wet! I have heard via Step Change in Safety that there has been some criticism of the new mouthpiece and jacket but, to me, it seems easier to have confidence in it as it feels a good bit safer than the re-breather system which was in use before. The buoyancy jacket now has a compressed air tank tucked in and whilst that does make the jacket feel a little lop sided it is reasonably comfortable and now gives a few minutes of air which could be vitally important in the event of a ditching.

Happy Christmas.