Health & Safety

The festive drink driving campaign is now well under way and will run until Tuesday 3rd January 2012. Over the course the campaign, police officers up and down the country are out educating motorists on the risks and consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol as well on safety driving, many drivers see themselves looking for a speeding ticket lawyer a few times a year if not more. The police are also actively targeting drink drivers on the roads. Increased police patrols and vehicle checkpoints will continue to be prevalent throughout the campaign.

The consequences of a drink driving conviction can be devastating both personally and professionally. Should a driver be convicted of driving or attempting to drive whilst above the legal alcohol limit, or fail to provide a specimen of breath for analysis or a specimen of blood or urine for a laboratory test, they can expect:-

  • A risk of being imprisoned for 6 months.
  • A maximum fine of £5,000.
  • A minimum 12 month driving ban.

The courts have the power to seek the seizure and forfeiture of a driver’s vehicle under the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988. In Scotland, this penalty has now been extended to first time offenders who are three times or more over the legal limit, or who refuse to provide a sample without a reasonable excuse.

Keep safe and enjoy the festive period. Contact me if you need more information on the drink driving campaign, or any aspect of motoring offences.

Andy Forsyth

Managing Associate at Brodies LLP
Andrew is a Health & Safety lawyer with a particular interest in all things marine. He acts for clients in defending claims arising from accidents at sea, in the oil sector, and on ferries and fishing vessels.
Andy Forsyth