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As a follow up to my blog on adwords where I talked about bidding for a competitor’s brand, I thought you might like this article from the BBC.


So both Labour and Anne Summers appear to be bidding for the search term “David Cameron”.

I have thought of about 10 Anne Summers jokes to use here – but I am self censoring. Feel free to add your own in the comments (although I reserve the right not to publish these).

This also reminds me of the huge part Google and Youtube played in the last US presidential election. No doubt each party will have its own team search engine optimisers and webspinners (spiders?) working on this election.

Also as an aside one of my contacts from the pub (cutmustard.tv) tells me that your Google ranking shoots up if you have a link to a properly tagged youtube video. I don’t know if this is true but given that Google owns Youtube it sounds credible.

Have a good weekend.

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