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I was amused to see yet another case report on the long running trade mark battle between Budsweiser (US beer) and Budvar (Czech beer).

If I remember correctly Budweiser US is trying to stop Budvar using the “Budweiser” name. In its defence Budvar claims that “Budweiser” is a geographical description that describes its beer (a bit like the word “Cheddar” in “Cheddar Cheese”), and that Budweiser shouldn’t have a monopoly over that geographical description.

Now I am not going to bore you with the legal ins and outs of the latest case. Rather what is interesting is that these two companies have been going at each other in the UK Courts (and other Courts across Europe) for as long as I have been following IP law (about 15 years). In fact I just looked at Wikipedia and it reports that there has been a battle since 1907!!


Also nice fees for the lawyers. With that thought in mind if anyone from either of those fine companies is reading this, and wants some IP advice, then give me a call 😉

This whole case reminds me of a verse from Robert Burns from his poem Scotch Drink:-

When neebors anger at a plea,
An’ just as wud as wud can be,
How easy can the barley-brie
Cement the quarrel!
It’s aye the cheapest Lawyer’s fee
To taste the barrel.


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