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Over the last month some of our clients have received emails relating to domain names from Asia. The wording varies but the gist of the message is that someone has approached the sender in order to register a domain name which includes our client’s brand, but with the suffix of an Asian territory e.g. .cn, .hk, .tw.

The email then states that the sender has suspended the application in order to allow the recipient (our client) to register the domain name first (usually at quite an expensive price).

Douglas, who’s been in this business longer than me says that this is old domain name scam, but with an Asian flavour. Previously the emails came from a dodgy company in York, now they come from Asia!

The key point is that there is no third party seeking to register the domain name. It’s just a pressure sales technique to sell over-priced domain registration services.

Normally our advice is to ignore these emails. if you are scared you will “lose” the relevant domain name then you should register the domain name with your normal supplier (typically your ISP). It will be cheaper.

Remember also that if someone has registered a domain name featuring your brand then you may be able to block that registration using ICANN‘s Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution policy.

And, of course, if anyone has any further info on this scam, we’d be happy to hear from you.