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A couple of weeks ago I met up with Neil MacKenzie of Capgemini Consulting for coffee. I originally met Neil at a CIPS event in Glasgow.

Neil is a Vice President in Capgemini Consulting. His team delivers procurement services to the private and public sector.

We talked about lots of things that our relevant clients were doing (preserving client confidentiality – of course), and generally shared market intelligence.

Neil also explained the concept “counter-sourcing” to me. Apparently it means helping suppliers sell to customers who are using “sourcing” techniques to squeeze the supplier.

I like the slightly Orwellian feel of this word.

But I suppose the point is that it is good to have experience of helping both buyers and sellers. It means you understand each sides’ issues, and this means you get to the a deal that both sides can live with quicker.

Also check out the new photo sign-off below. What do you think?

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