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To the Edinburgh Fringe to see Richard DeDomenici’s show “Plagiarismo” in which he actually manages to make the subject of intellectual property right theft very entertaining (although perhaps less so if you’re actually one of the victims…). Concentrating on theft in the creative industries, he uses real life examples to show that whilst the big guns make a lot of noise about theft of their products, it can be the smaller artist, with no means of fighting back who suffers.

For example, DeDomenici believes there may be a link between one of his earlier projects – Fame Asylum – in which he formed a boy band made up of asylum seekers – and a later BBC programme. His project was derided by many although Channel 4 did get involved. He now believes the idea for BBC’s “Immigrant Song Contest” could have sprung from his project and wrote to them to try and find out.

He also gives some examples from the music industry and fans of Whigfield will not be disappointed. In DeDomenici’s opinion the latest law suit waiting to happen in musicland will be Heaven 17 having a pop at Manic Street Preachers, who according to DeDomenici, have “borrowed” the music to the 1983 hit “Temptation” and turned it into “Peeled Apples” a song on the Manic’s new album. He very amusingly plays the two songs together but with the Heaven 17 video (the highlight of the show for me). Several reviews of the Manic’s latest album have mentioned this “similarity” but in case Heaven 17 haven’t spotted it yet, DeDomenici is thinking about telling them and charging a finder’s fee.