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Eighteen months ago Andrew Rigby began an initiative to identify and grow Scotland’s outsourcing industry, with the ultimate aim of establishing Scotland as a global outsourcing hub. Since then he has worked tirelessly to put his ideas before key stakeholders and to highlight generally the tremendous potential benefit which a properly developed outsourcing industry could bring to Scotland.

Yesterday afternoon saw a significant milestone in this project, with Jim Mather, Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Tourism, hosting an outsourcing industry discussion session at the Scottish Parliament. The session was a follow up to a meeting with Andrew earlier this year.

Click here for press coverage of the event in Scotland on Sunday.

Andrew and I attended, along with around 40 of the great and good from a selection of major interested parties across the private and public sectors.

Andrew’s opening presentation was a persuasive summary of his case so far, emphasising the need to mobilise quickly to take full advantage of the current window of opportunity. The Minister followed this with a “mind mapping” session, using contributions from the floor to establish goals, barriers and potential means of overcoming them.

What emerged clearly was a common will to push forward this agenda for the benefit of the Scottish economy as a whole. The next steps will be to break down the priorities identified at the meeting and to look separately at actions and responsibilities with a view to achieving progress on the ground.

Watch this space for further developments.