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In the news this week was a patent infringement claim from Kodak against the makers of the BlackBerry. This is not the first attack on the BB, and the iPhone is subject to a number of IP infringement claims. I guess everyone wants a share of the presumably huge profits these devices make.

Ignoring the merits of the claim can I, with the greatest respect, ask Kodak to BACK OFF.

I love my BB, and I don’t want anyone to take it away. My wife has a different view. She now deliberately books holidays in places with poor reception!

In that context I did hear about one law firm limiting the amount of time per day their lawyers could use their BB’s – a sort of tachograph for lawyers. Interesting.

Perhaps there is an employment law issue here. I asked Tony Hadden in Brodies’ employment and pensions team (the top ranked team in Scotland) and this is what he said “While there is no case law here (yet), there may be a problem in terms of the Working Time Directive which theoretically limits the amount an employee works to 48 hours a week. Also Recent European decisions (Stringer and Pereda) have emphasised that the Working Time Directive relates to health and safety and employers need to understand that they have an obligation to ensure that employees hours do not impact on their health”.

Here is what I say “Euro Wimps”! What is wrong with ignoring your spouse, kids and friends to check your BB every twenty minutes in the evening and at weekends?

Actually, I think I may have answered my own question there.

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