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Last year the BSI launched a new British Standard on commissioning accessible websites.

BS8878 is intended to help organisations when commissioning websites and web technologies, by providing the commissioning organisation with a process map to follow that should help to ensure that the web technologies procured are accessible to users with disabilities. Notably, following BS8878 may help an organisation to be able to show that it has complied with its obligations under the Equality Act.

BS8878 is particularly helpful to large organisations, who are often used to implementing and complying with British and international standards.

But what happens if you are a smaller organisation? Can BS8878 still help you to ensure that whatever you are doing on the web is accessible to your online audience? The answer is yes. Jonathan Hassell, has recently blogged on his personal experiences in using BS8878 in relation to the website for his recently launched accessibility consultancy. Jonathan should know what he’s talking about – he previously headed up web accessibility at the BBC and, perhaps more importantly, chaired the committee that authored BS8878.

You can read his blog here

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