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I see that the RNIB has announced that it is taking action against BMI Baby over the failure of the airline to make its website accessible to blind and partially sighted customers.

If it goes to court, this will be the first court case in the UK in relation to website accessibility. My understanding is that whilst a number of previous actions have been threatened by the RBIB, these have all been settled on a confidential basis before the action has reached court. In this case, it looks like the RNIB have been trying the same approach of education and agreement before taking action, but following inaction on the part of BMI Baby the RNIB has finally lost it’s patience.

So watch this space. Given the early publicity by the RNIB it will be interesting to see whether this one goes all the way.

For more on the law here (the Equality Act 2010), see this blog post.

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