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With six weeks remaining until the end of the one year grace period given by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for compliance with the new cookies laws, it’s vital that organisations can demonstrate to the ICO that they are well on the way to compliance.

Whilst the ICO was reported last week as having said that enforcement in relation to first party cookies is unlikely to be a priority, this doesn’t mean (contrary to some reporting that is going around) that organisations can now ignore the new laws.

Until an organisation has audited its cookie usage, identified the types of cookies it uses, and the intrusiveness of those cookies, it won’t be in a position to show that it has determined that certain cookies are low risk and therefore it has taken appropriate steps. Doing nothing is unlikely to go down well with the ICO.

If you have not started assessing the changes that you might need to make to your website then now is the time to start.

Guide on complying with the new regulations
To help organisations understand what they need to do, we have prepared a short guide (PDF) setting out the key steps to compliance.


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