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I have an article on the proposed new data protection regulation on the Business Computing World blog.

You can read the article by following this link.

The article looks at some of the key issues for UK businesses under the new regulation. The draft regulation proposes a number of amendments to the law that move away from the more permissive and flexible approach taken under the UK implementation of the current data protection directive.

Whilst the final regulation may take some time to be agreed by the various EU institutions and member states, a number of the principles will be here to stay. Accordingly, businesses should start looking at some of the internal, organisational, changes that they will need to make to ensure that when the regulation does come into force they hit the ground running.

In the meantime, as Martin mentioned last week, the UK Department of Justice has launched an informal consultation to canvass views on the proposed new laws and its impact on businesses. We will be responding to that, and recommend that others do likewise.

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