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It is anticipated that 135 million people in the world will be affected by dementia by 2050. This is the figure quoted by Glenn Rees, the chair of Alzheimer’s Disease International, at the annual Alzheimer’s conference which we attended last Monday to kick off Dementia Awareness Week.

This is a stark number and one that needs to be addressed now to improve the provision of care for those currently suffering from dementia, and their families.

Over the course of last week members of our Personal & Family team blogged on this important subject. The overall message which you have hopefully taken from these is the importance of planning for later life now and not before it can be too late.

There are two key foundation documents to put in place as highlighted by Susanne Beveridge in her blog. These are a will and a power of attorney. We recommend to all of our clients that they have these two fundamental documents put in place, and if already in place, to review these regularly to ensure that they reflect the individual’s current wishes.

All members of our Personal & Family team understand that it is not always easy to approach the making of a will and a power of attorney with loved ones or the thought of incapacity in later life, and are ready to guide and advise you through this process.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of thinking about these matters sooner rather than later. Taking these early steps will provide peace of mind and certainty for you, your family and hopefully, the thought of incapacity at a later date will not be quite so scary.

Brodies and the care sector

Brodies can help individuals, families, public bodies, care providers and charities with the legal issues associated with care, incapacity and health. 

For individuals and families, please do get in touch with team members based across the country whether that is your usual Brodies contact or any of the following:

Mark Stewart – or 01224 392 282

Susanne Beveridge – or 0131 656 0285

Karen Phillips – or 0131 656 0285

Alan Eccles– or 0141 245 6255

Lindsay Watson – or 0141 245 6217 

Brodies provides powers of attorney connected to the Start the Conversation campaign and is the only firm to resource this with power of attorney and estate planning specialists permanently based on each of Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

For care providers, contact Peter Kelly – or 0141 245 6259

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