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Each year, those living with dementia, their families, friends, carers and the community are invited to come together for the annual Alzheimer’s conference, which took place on Monday in Glasgow.

We share stories and insights, and ensure we’re all working well together to improve the provision of care for those suffering from dementia and their families.

Here are five important things we learned:

  1. 1 in 3 people will die with dementia by 2030 (90,000 people are currently living with dementia in Scotland).
  2. Even healthy people can help beat dementia by assisting research by joining dementia research. As of yesterday there were 7,025 people signed up in the UK but only 441 of those were based in Scotland – I am sure we can do better!
  3. We all need to be aware of dementia and start talking about it. All members of the Personal & Family department at Brodies are either a dementia friend or will shortly be joining a training session to become one. You can also become a dementia friend by watching a series of short videos. We can all help challenge the stigma of mental health.
  4. Mental health is now the biggest public health challenge facing not only Scotland but the world (based on current trends).
  5. It is important that we all look ahead and plan for our future. This can be done before or at the diagnosis stage so that you can retain control.

We have an experienced team with strength and depth,  and would be delighted to talk to you further.

For more on planning for the future, read our recent blogs on powers of attorney and some common misconceptions about wills.

Brodies and the care sector

Brodies can help individuals, families, public bodies, care providers and charities with the legal issues associated with care, incapacity and health. 

For individuals and families, please do get in touch with team members based across the country whether that is your usual Brodies contact or any of the following:

Mark Stewart- or 01224 392 282

Susanne Beveridge– or 0131 656 0285

Karen Phillips- or 0131 656 0285

Alan Eccles- or 0141 245 6255  

Lindsay Watson – or 0141 245 6217 

Brodies provides powers of attorney connected to the Start the Conversation campaign and is the only firm to resource this with power of attorney and estate planning specialists permanently based on each of Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

For care providers, contact Peter Kelly- or 0141 245 6259

Personal Law