Planning & Environment

Great discussion at the RTPI Scotland Convenors Colloquium last week. The RTPI intend to publish notes on the key points discussed, but hopefully they’ll forgive me making a few comments of my own here.

Inevitably the discussion initially touched on some of the difficulties planners face in delivering development: the “system” generally, political culture, and public opinion (or more accurately vociferous individuals).

That brought back what I was told as a Law student: hard cases make bad law. Yes, there are cases where the “system” causes difficulties, but there is a danger of getting bogged down with talking about difficulties. As was said at the Colloquium, it’s outcomes and solutions that are important, not process.

Having got the moans out of the way, the discussion moved to the more constructive theme of leadership: planning needs to be influential, and have leaders and be close to leaders. Music to the ears.

Neil Collar