Planning & Environment

Do read the RTPI’s policy paper “Delivering Large Scale Housing”. It packs a lot into 20 pages, and it’s great to see mention of Scottish issues.

There was a stimulating discussion at the RTPI’s policy breakfast on Monday.

An underlying theme was addressing local concerns about new housing:

  • national need is recognised, but more work needs to be done to persuade local residents of the need for development in their area
  • promote benefits of new development – improved infrastructure, better services, vibrancy?
  • it’s often the impacts on local infrastructure, eg. roads, that’s the concern

Another theme was councillors, officers and developers working together:

  • the need for political leadership – councillors need to think about what they want their legacy to be – “mausoleum villages” with an increasing age profile, or dynamic and vibrant places?
  • developers engaging with councillors – the Code of Conduct is an obstacle/ excuse
  • councillors and council officers should help developers engage with local communities
Neil Collar