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Wishing a happy and trouble free Friday the 13th to all you blogsters!

The best way to avoid any mishaps is of course to keep a low profile and stay indoors with a black cat on your lap. And funnily enough statistics have shown that the occurrence of accidents on this special day is in fact lower due to exactly this sort of “avoidance” strategy.

Hopefully none of our readers suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia. This is the fear of Friday the 13th, while triskaidekaphobia is a fear of the number 13. I haven’t been able to find the technical term for the “fear of planning” although I’m sure this must be a recognised syndrome – answers on postcard please…

A recent survey carried out by insurers AXA revealed the shock news that houses carrying the number 13 are not in fact the most unlucky! Instead their neighbours at number 33 were the most likely to suffer from flood, fire, burglary or plague (I made the last one up). Planners take note.

A Taiwanese transport authority was forced to take action in relation to the Zha-Hu metro line last year after the name of the line was proclaimed to be unlucky. Apparently the unfortunate moniker roughly translated to Scam-Bluff in the local tongue. Perhaps there is a lesson here for our friends at TIE?

And finally, keeping with the international theme, according to the customs of Bahawalpur in the Punjab, a committee consisting of 3 members is unlucky, while a council of 5 is thrice blessed. LRB aficionados may remember that the quorum for a local review body is 3!

Hmmm explains a lot…

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