Planning & Environment

Interesting points from speakers and delegates at the JH Planning event which I chaired and spoke at a few weeks ago:

  • doubts about whether all development plans do implement Scottish Government policy principles
  • the Review of Planning could be a lengthy process – don’t divert attention away from delivery of homes now
  • the Scottish Government’s draft planning delivery advice – trying to do too much for too many people
  • To avoid unimplemented sites, need to align with market reality
  • it’s not just about allocating sites; also securing consent and delivering
  • planners need to be allowed to focus on the right issues/ bigger picture
  • the system can be improved, but it’s about the whole culture
  • sites not coming forward – often issue with aligning infrastructure – outwith planning control – infrastructure agency essential to coordinate delivery and end silo mentality
  • happy partnerships = happy outcomes – demonstrated by partnerships between the public sector and RSLs – need to widen to the private sector
  • huge demand for mid market rented accommodation – opportunity for affordable PRS on sites with an affordable housing provision



Neil Collar