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Amongst so many fundamental reforms to the planning system, it has taken me a while to notice the changes to the list of “bad neighbour developments” which trigger the advertisement requirement.

Why have bingo halls, us betting sites and casinos been removed, but cinemas retained? Loud pop-corn eating might distract you from enjoying the film but that is not going to impact on neighbouring properties.

Turkish or other vapour or foam bath no longer appears on the list, but swimming pools still do. Edinburgh residents might of course have wanted saunas on the list…

We talk of “breeding like rabbits”, but if you want to breed rabbits or any other animals, your planning application will be advertised, whereas previously that only applied to breeding cats or dogs.

I mourn the passing of “knacker’s yard” – somehow “the processing of animal carcasses for final disposal” doesn’t have the same ring.

And for those of you worrying about my sanity, don’t worry – the only reason I have noticed any of this is that I am updating Appendix 2 of my book.

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