Planning & Environment

Got back from holiday this week. In the pile of mail was a neighbour notification letter from my local planning authority. Tells me I have 21 days to lodge representations. I’ve lost 14 days because I’ve been on holiday. But it was galling to discover that I had lost another 3 days because the 21 days runs from the date of the letter, which was 3 days before I left on holiday – snail-mail indeed!

The LPA have embraced e-planning, so I was able to view all the plans on-line – yippee! The web-site also told me someone had lodged representations already, but there’s no means to view that representation on-line, which is frustrating.

I was also able to fill in a representation form on-line – yippee again. But there’s a 2000 character limit – yes, characters, not words. More generous than twitter, but very challenging even for a straightforward representation about a house extension.


Neil Collar