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The recent call-in by the Scottish Ministers of the planning application for North Kelvin Meadow in Glasgow is an interesting illustration of the notification and call-in procedures.

Notification involves the planning authority informing the Ministers of an intention to grant planning permission, providing an opportunity for the Ministers to consider whether to call-in the application and make the decision themselves.

Circular 3/2009 sets out the circumstances in which notification is required. However, the Ministers can issue a direction requiring notification in other circumstances, which is what happened in the North Kelvin Meadow case.

Details of the North Kelvin Meadow notification and call-in are available on the Scottish Government website.

If there is a call-in, the application is considered by a DPEA reporter in the same way as a planning appeal. Rather than issue a decision, the reporter prepares a report to Ministers, which includes a recommendation. The Ministers then decide the application.

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