Planning & Environment

Like many infrastructure projects, the implementation of the Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006 has slipped a bit from its original schedule. Even now, some important aspects of the reforms are still to be implemented. The Scottish Government this week quietly published an updated timetable. Some highlights:-

There is to be a consultation on regulations to introduce good neighbour agreements and the new section 75 planning obligations in spring 2010, with a view to introducing legislation in summer 2010.

The new fees regulation comes into force on 1 April 2010.

Regulations to extend householder permitted development (PD) rights are to be laid before Parliament in spring 2010, for approval in summer. There’s already been a consultation on these. Other reforms to PD rights will be consulted on in autumn 2010, with legislation next year.

And the introduction of a requirement for planning permission for mezzanine floors is still to be confirmed.

It’s perhaps unfair to compare the present timetable with the original indicative timetable made back in March 2007. Neither Rome nor Holyrood was built in a day.

Planning & Environment