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Brad Pitt has been filming his zombie movie World War Z in Glasgow. I’m a Glaswegian living and working in Edinburgh, so no cheap shots from me about zombies and Glasgow. In true Glaswegian style, there is a zombie walk event.

The movie is set in Philadelphia, but bizarrely, it is cheaper to dress Glasgow to look like Philadelphia, than film in Philadelphia.

It’s got me thinking – should there be a new design code requiring new neighbourhoods to look like other cities so that we can attract more film-makers? This would actually be a new-old idea, since Edinburgh is known as the “Athens of the North“, because of its classical Doric, Ionic and Corinthian pillars. Last year I stumbled on a Bollywood film being shot in Edinburgh – don’t know if Edinburgh was being Edinburgh, or Athens, or somewhere else. Trainspotting is set in Edinburgh, but parts were filmed in Glasgow. And the battle scenes in Braveheart were shot in Ireland. It could only happen in the movies…

We’ll need to wait for the release of World War Z to find out whether the planning system in Glasgow/ Philadelphia has addressed the zombie problem.


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