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The publication of Circular 1/2010 “Planning Agreements” seemed to cement the current system of planning gain, with some new emphasis. However, according to The Herald newspaper’s front page Exclusive, the Scottish Government is to review the “controversial issue”, and the “‘cash cow’ could dry up as early as next year” .

Interestingly, while the front page referred to “trade-offs”, The Herald’s editorial comment was “Removing system of planning gain would be a mistake”, noting that the government should think twice before removing a source of income that has produced clear gains for council taxpayers.

Cynics will be wondering about the source of The Herald’s exclusive – developers looking to kick-start development by reducing planning gain, or a pre-emptive strike by public sector interests wanting to maintain the current planning gain system, or even a lobby group frustrated by the “trade-offs”? The controversy surrounding planning gain is likely to run and run.

Neil Collar

Partner at Brodies LLP
Neil is a partner at Brodies LLP and consistently rated as one of Scotland’s leading planning lawyers. He is well known for both his planning inquiry advocacy and his advisory work. Neil has a particular interest in renewable energy developments.
Neil Collar

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