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Having recently launched its template processing agreement, the Scottish Government is hosting events over the next few weeks (and last night in Dumfries – how did it go anyone?) to spread the good word.

Processing agreements are “expected” rather than required for major or national applications. But it’s interesting to note that they will now be “encouraged” even in the case of local developments where these are “likely to prove contentious within smaller communities”. Why only smaller communities? – perhaps this is to recognise that local developments can still seem fairly major depending on the size of the community affected (remember the old proposal to have variable thresholds within the hierarchy of development…).

Anyway it’s all down to successful project management at the end of the day, and we might all expect to see a lot more of these in the future.

Experience of processing agreements through the pilot schemes seems to have been (largely?) good, although it will be useful to hear what comes out of the planned events. I note that the new Circular on Planning Obligations mentions processing agreements no less than 4 times, so there is at least one suggestion for putting them to good use.


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