Planning & Environment

The changes introduced on 30 June 3013 are a hotch-potch. The key points are:

  • New Regulations – for Development Management Procedure, Appeals, and Local Reviews, but these largely consolidate the previous Regulations
  • Applicants – applications must be accompanied by a plan identifying neighbouring land owned by the applicant
  • Planning authorities – minor changes to neighbour notification, consultation (Network Rail, sportscotland, Historic Scotland), and information to be included on decision notices
  • Local Authority schemes of delegation – planning authority interest cases for local development can now be delegated to officers for decision
  • Appeal procedure – “fine-tuning” amendments
  • Local reviews – where review is sought on the basis of a deemed refusal, the time limit for the review to be decided is extended to 3 months
  • Advertisement control appeals – brought into line with other appeals, by removing right to inquiry, and reducing time limit to appeal from 6 to 3 months


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