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So it’s finally here – the Main Issues Report and Draft Framework for NPF3. Comments are due by 23 July.

It’s like drinking a fine wine – you need to take time to savour the taste and identify all the flavours.

There’s a lot that sounds familiar, because it’s delivering existing sectoral policies and commitments in areas such as energy (eg. National Renewables Infrastructure Plan) and transport (eg. Infrastructure Investment Plan). Also, it’s an evolution of the overall spatial strategy in NPF2, which it concludes remains essentially sound.

So it’s about updating to reflect new circumstances, challenges and opportunities, and giving even greater emphasis on ensuring that strategy is given effect through new development and infrastructure.

The 4 key priorities are expressed very differently from the 4 key aims in NPF2, but the content seems similar. The most obvious “evolution” is that low carbon is a priority in its own right, whereas previously it was part of promoting a greener Scotland.

I’m off to savour the taste of the spatial strategy for each of the 4 key priorities.

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