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One of the unique features of the Scottish planning system is the requirement for neighbours to be sent individual notification of the submission of a planning application. A few years ago, the responsibility for sending the notification moved from the applicant to the planning authority.

Often people are surprised to learn that, according to the rules for identifying neighbours, they are not entitled to receive notification.

Public Petition PE1469 urges an increase to the current neighbour notification distance of 20 metres in relation to wind turbine planning applications. It is being considered this week by the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government and Regeneration Committee.

Wind projects which undergo Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) must be advertised in a local newspaper, so the main benefit of this proposal is wider notification for the smaller non EIA projects.

Neil Collar

Partner at Brodies LLP
Neil is a partner at Brodies LLP and consistently rated as one of Scotland’s leading planning lawyers. He is well known for both his planning inquiry advocacy and his advisory work. Neil has a particular interest in renewable energy developments.
Neil Collar