Public Law

At the moment, State aid exists entirely at the level of EU law and UK legislation makes no provision for either the rules or their enforcement. It is therefore one of the areas of law most vulnerable to being affected by Brexit.

The UK Government intents to maintain current State aid rules in UK law even in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

Charles Livingstone and Jamie Dunne provide clarity on the proposed UK State aid regime in this recent legal update.

Hannah Frahm

Solicitor and Practice Development Lawyer at Brodies LLP
Hannah is a Solicitor and Practice Development Lawyer for the Brexit Advisory Group and our Commercial Services Division. She is also a German qualified lawyer with a professional background in Real Estate. Hannah brings to the firm a multinational legal education (with stints in Germany, France, Thailand and the UK), a strong academic profile (German PhD in process) and communicative support for our German and French speaking clients.
Hannah Frahm