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The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted our recent contribution to the debate on the Scottish Government’s proposed Large Retailer Levy (dubbed, among other things, the “supermarket tax” and “Tesco tax”), with quotes appearing in the Scotland on Sunday and other illustrious publications.

It will surely come as no surprise to learn that there’s more nuance to the issue than could be boiled down into three paragraphs.

Our fifteen minutes of fame may have ended on Wednesday, however, when the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government and Communities Committee voted 5 to 3 in favour of a motion that nothing further be done on the policy. Though it survives to be debated by the full Parliament next week, its prospects now look bleak. So you can shelve your plans for Commission complaints and court actions, at least for the moment.

The Official Report of the Committee meeting is not yet available, so we (and we use “we” in the royal sense) do not yet know just how decisive our intervention was. The answer may well be “not in the slightest”, since the opposition parties had already set out their respective stalls in opposition to the minority Government’s scheme. Still, there’s always next week’s debate…

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