Public Law

Fans of dramatic televised court cases will be delighted by the launch of Supreme Court TV. For the first time the British public will be able to watch Supreme Court cases streamed live over the internet. Supreme Court cases have been filmed since its inception but footage was only available on request by broadcasters. Two documentaries one by the BBC and one by Channel 4 have already used footage to capture the action in the highest court in the UK. Supreme Court TV went live on 16 May and you can read about how to tune in here.

Scottish viewers should look out for the Supreme Court appeal of AXA General Insurance Ltd & Ors v The Lord Advocate & Ors which will be heard between 13 and 16 June. Who knows, you might even spot someone you recognise…

Niall McLean

Associate at Brodies LLP
Niall is a member of Brodies' market leading Government, Regulation and Competition practice. Niall gives both public and private sector clients advice in a broad range of areas including: corporate crime and investigations, governance, defamation and reputation management, public law and statutory interpretation.
Niall McLean