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First eggs, now milk. We’re still a few weeks off Shrove Tuesday but between now and then we might well manage to blog about all necessary pancake ingredients including that familiar brand named plastic lemon…

To follow up Niall’s post last year on Eggs and Chicks (Scotland) Regulations 2010 we can now draw your attention to the equally exotically entitled draft Milk and Milk Products (Pupils in Educational Establishments) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2011. We have to say that we have not ourselves been motivated to respond to the Scottish Government’s consultation on this short SSI which will make purely technical amendments to Regulations dealing with EU and national government subsidies for milk for school pupils. We note that this consultation sits alongside others from the Scottish Government’s busy Agriculture team dealing with reporting of milk prices and (we admit to reading queasily) screening for Bovine Viral Diarrhoea…

Christine O'Neill

Partner & Chairman at Brodies LLP
Christine is Chairman of Brodies LLP and leads our Public Law Litigation and Parliamentary team. She has considerable experience of parliamentary and public law work and has a special interest in administrative law, devolution and human rights. Christine has advised variety of clients on legislative procedure in the Scottish Parliament, particularly in relation to alcohol and tobacco regulation.
Christine O'Neill

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