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oof of building with Saltire and Union Jack flagWe mentioned in our last post that we would be updating the our Scotland’s Constitutional Future webpage with the articles we have produced on various issues over the course of the debate. Today’s “theme du jour” is the EU, and in particular what status an independent Scotland would (or may) have within it. Our articles on this subject appear at the top of the news section of our hub page.

We’ve also written extensively on this issue on the blog, and if you’re minded to take a trip back through time you can find posts here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Anyone who can send us evidence that they’ve read through all of those posts will be elevated to the Public Law Blog Hall of Fame!

Next week we will be recapping our comments on Energy; Employment; Currency / Banking & Financial Services; and Further Devolution. To receive our updates on these themes, please subscribe using the button to the right.


Charles Livingstone

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Charles works with a broad range of commercial, public sector, charitable and individual clients, advising them on public law issues including judicial review, human rights, information law and the powers and duties of local and other public authorities. He is named by Chambers & Partners in both Competition Law and Administrative & Public Law.
Charles Livingstone

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