Public Law

As Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK continue after the publication of the UK’s proposals for the future UK-EU relationship, the UK Government is working on preparations for Brexit. This includes making the orders required to prepare the legal landscape for a post-Brexit future.

Ministerial powers to Brexit-proof the law

To ensure that the UK exits the EU with maximum legal certainty, continuity and control, section 8 of the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018 confers powers on Ministers to amend EU regulations and EU-derived laws so that they will work post-Brexit, including so-called “Henry VIII” powers to amend primary legislation.

Brexit statutory instruments

The Government recently published the first 24 statutory instruments (“SIs”) they propose to make, covering a wide range of topics and identifying certain deficiencies in the law that need to be ‘fixed’ at the point the UK withdraws from the EU.

For a brief summary on how the powers under the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018 will work, and a brief overview of some of the first Brexit SIs, see the update we recently posted to our Brexit Hub.

Hannah Frahm

Hannah Frahm

Professional Support Lawyer at Brodies LLP
Hannah is a Professional Support Lawyer for the Brexit Advisory Group.She is a German qualified lawyer with a professional background in Real Estate. Hannah brings to the firm a multinational legal education (with stints in Germany, France, Thailand and the UK), a strong academic profile (German PhD in process) and communicative support for our German and French speaking clients.
Hannah Frahm