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Those who attended our recent judicial review seminars in Glasgow and Edinburgh will remember us spending a lot of time talking about how aggrieved citizens have been finding new ways to fund cases – but that most still bear the risk of a court ordering them to pay costs if they lose. One of the most high profile examples in the last year has been that of Mrs Forbes who unsuccessfully tried to challenge the grant of planning permission for the development of the ‘Trump’ golf course in Aberdeenshire. An award of expenses has been made against her but I noticed in Saturday’s Herald that she has asked the Court to reduce to her liability to zero – the costs she’s facing are reported to be in excess of £50,000.

Christine O'Neill

Partner & Chairman at Brodies LLP
Christine is Chairman of Brodies LLP and leads our Public Law Litigation and Parliamentary team. She has considerable experience of parliamentary and public law work and has a special interest in administrative law, devolution and human rights. Christine has advised variety of clients on legislative procedure in the Scottish Parliament, particularly in relation to alcohol and tobacco regulation.
Christine O'Neill

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