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Although now pushed back into the new year (exit currently expected for 31 January 2020), the UK’s anticipated withdrawal from the EU is already having impacts on many businesses.

To help businesses in Scotland mitigate the impact of Brexit, the Scottish Government has introduced the Brexit Support Grant scheme which provides up to £4,000 (fully funded) to individual small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) registered in Scotland that are affected by Brexit.


Who can apply for a Brexit Support Grant?

The Brexit Support Grant is available to any SME registered in Scotland. It doesn’t matter whether the business is VAT registered or VAT exempted as long as they meet the SME criteria (i.e. fewer than 250 employees, turnover of less than €50m OR a balance sheet of less than €45m, and no more than 25% of the capital/voting rights are owned by a non-SME).


What can the Brexit Support Grant be used for?

You can apply for the Brexit Support Grant for any eligible activity as long as the grant mitigates ‘Brexit implications’.

This includes future activities that could otherwise not take place without the grant; you can also claim back the costs of a current project after having financed it upfront.

Eligible costs that can be covered by the Brexit Support Grant include costs incurred for

  • Consultancy;
  • Graduate placements and Interns;
  • Professional services fees (financial, legal);
  • External training; and
  • International travel and accommodation (read our recent update on travelling after Brexit here).


What can’t the Brexit Support Grant be used for?

The Brexit Support Grant cannot be used for regular business expenses (e.g. meals) or domestic travel (except if the destination is in a remote location, e.g. the outlying Scottish islands).

Also excluded are expenses for storage facilities and the purchase of materials, components and finished goods.


How to apply?

You can download the application form here (one grant application per SME).

Importantly, you will have to describe the project in full and explain how the Brexit Support Grant will help mitigate a ‘Brexit implication’ on your business.

If you have had public sector support you are required to declare any such aid in the application form.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with Christine O’Neill, Charles Livingstone, Hannah Frahm or your usual Brodies contact.

Visit our Brexit Hub for regular updates on Brexit related matters.


Hannah Frahm