In common with many other people round the country (and it seems quite a few of our neighbours), I spent much of early December scrambling to beat the 12th December solar PV Feed In Tariff deadline.

Well thankfully the panels are on the roof, they’re working and SSE received our FITs application in time. So a big sigh of relief from me, and my kids are proudly telling folk we’ve got a solar Christmas tree!

Thanks to our installers, who spent 24 hours a day chasing down errant converters and panels, and worked on roofs in some of the vilest weather possible! Sadly, after all that frantic activity, the imminent cut in FITs rates means a very bleak future indeed for many solar PV installers. I sincerely hope DECC’s review of the FITs rates does not switch their fledgling industry from “boom” straight into “bust” overnight.

In the meantime a very happy Christmas and New Year to one and all.

Finally, where will Santa park his sleigh this year? Answers on a low carbon email please…

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