WPZ – no it is not the latest in an increasingly obscure line of “text-speak” abbreviations following in the footsteps of “ROFL” or “TTYL” but the acronym for a Wind Protection Zone.

A Wind Protection Zone is the area around a wind turbine which is required to protect the wind resource for that turbine.

For any potential wind turbine development protecting the wind flow is key. While this will predominantly be determined by locating the turbine in an environment with a high energy yield, away from any tall buildings or wooded areas, interference with a wind source can become an issue if additional turbines or buildings are installed on neighbouring land.

The best way to ensure that there is no interference with the energy source for a turbine is to lease or purchase a sufficient area of land from surrounding property owners to form a Wind Protection Zone. The area required for a WPZ will vary depending on the size of the turbine – the larger the turbine, the larger the Wind Protection Zone – with the largest being an area of around 750m in radius from the turbine. Often leases for turbine sites will include a Wind Protection Zone, however, for those that do not, entering into Wind Protection Zone Agreements or further leases could be vital to maintaining and maximising wind-flow to the turbine.

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